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마녀사냥 가이드북(말레우스 말레피카룸)


Heinrich Kramer 지음| 투나미스 |2020년 05월 18일

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이 책이 속한 분야

The Malleus Maleficarum is probably one of the most notorious books of Catholic Church history. Originally put out when the Inquisition was in full force, this book and the text it contains condemned thousands of innocent people to needless deaths. Most of what today's society and culture thinks of the witches and the occult comes from these pages. Although this text is largely misguided and inaccurate from even a scriptural standpoint, the fact remains that it has molded our views on those who practice occult arts in many ways. Take a look into the past!


Part I
Part II
Part III


저자 : Heinrich Kramer

Heinrich Kramer (1430-1505) also known under the Latinized name Henricus Institoris, was a German churchman and inquisitor. Born in S?lestat, Alsace, he joined the Dominican Order at an early age and while still a young man was appointed Prior of the Dominican house of his native town. At some date before 1474 he was appointed Inquisitor for the Tyrol, Salzburg, Bohemia and Moravia. His eloquence in the pulpit and tireless activity received recognition at Rome and he was the right-hand man of the Archbishop of Salzburg. By the time of the Bull Summis desiderantes of Pope Innocent VIII in 1484 he was already associated with Jacob Sprenger to make an inquisition for witches and sorcerers. In 1485 he drew up a treatise on witchcraft which was incorporated in the Malleus Maleficarum (literally "The hammer of malefactresses (wrongdoing women - i.e. witches)"). Kramer failed in his attempt to obtain endorsement for this work from the top theologians of the Inquisition at the Faculty of Cologne, and they condemned the book as recommending unethical and illegal procedures, as well as being inconsistent with Catholic doctrines of demonology. Kramer's claimed endorsement from four of the professors may have been forged. He was denounced by the Inquisition in 1490. In 1495 he was summoned to Venice to give public lectures, which were very popular. In 1500 he was empowered to proceed against the Waldensians and Picards. He died in Bohemia in 1505.


Whether Witches can Sway the Minds of Men to Love or Hatred.

It is asked whether devils, through the medium of witches, can change or incite the minds of men to inordinate love or hatred; and it is argued that, following the previous conclusions, they cannot do so. For there are three things in man: will, understanding, and body. The first is ruled by God (for, The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord); the second is enlightened by an Angel; and the body is governed by the motions of the stars. And as the devils cannot effect changes in the body, even less have they power to incite love or hatred in the soul. The consequence is clear; that though they have more power over things corporeal than over things spiritual, they cannot change even the body, as has been often proved. For they cannot induce any substantial or accidental form, except is as it were their artificer. In this connexion is quoted what has been said before; that whoever believes that any creature can be changed for the better or worse or transformed into another kind or likeness, except by the Creator of all things, is worse than a pagan and a heretic.

Besides, everything that acts with design knows its own effect. If, therefore, the devil could change the minds of men to hatred or love, he would also be able to see the inner thoughts of the heart; but this is contrary to what is said in the Book of Ecclesiastic Dogma: The devil cannot see our inner thoughts. And again in the same place: Not all our evil thoughts are from the devil, but sometimes they arise from our own choice.

Besides, love and hatred are a matter of the will, which is rooted in the soul; therefore they cannot by any cunning be caused by the devil. The conclusion holds that He alone (as S. Augustine says) is able to enter into the soul, Who created it.

Besides, it is not valid to argue that because he can influence the inner emotions, therefore he can govern the will. For the emotions are stronger than physical strength; and the devil can effect nothing in a physical way, such as the formation of flesh and blood; therefore he can effect nothing through the emotions.

But against this. The devil is said to tempt men not only visibly but also invisibly; but this would not be true unless he were able to exert some influence over the inner mind. Besides, S. John Damascene says: All evil and all filthiness is devised by the devil. And Dionysius, de Divin. Nom. IV: The multitude of devils is the cause of all evil, etc.

Answer. First, one sort of cause is to be distinguished from another: secondly, we shall show how the devil can affect the inner powers of the mind, that is the emotions; and thirdly, we shall draw the fit conclusion. And as to the first, it is to be considered that the cause of anything can be understood in two ways; either as direct, or as indirect. For when something cause a disposition to some effect, it is said to be an occasional and indirect cause of that effect. In this way it may be said that he who chops wood is the cause of the actual fire. And similarly we may say that the devil is the cause of all our sins; for he incited the first man to sin, from whose sin it has been handed down to the whole human race to have an inclination towards sin. And in this way are to be understood the words of S. John Damascene and Dionysius.

But a direct cause is one that directly causes an effect; and in this sense the devil is not the cause of all sin. For all sins are not committed at the instigation of the devil, but some are of our own choosing. For Origen says: Even if the devil were not, men would still lust after food and venery and such things. And from these inordinate lusts much may result, unless such appetites be reasonably restrained. But to restrain such ungoverned desire is the part of man's free-will, over which even the devil has no power.


For nearly three centuries Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches' Hammer) was the professional manual for witch hunters. This work by two of the most famous Inquisitors of the age is still a document of the forces of that era's beliefs. Under a Bull of Pope Innocent VIII, Kramer and Sprenger exposed the heresy of those who did not believe in witches and set forth the proper order of the world with devils, witches, and the will of God. Even if you do not believe in witchcraft, the world of 1484 did.
Contemporary cases illustrate methods by which witches attempt to control and subvert the world: How and why women roast their first-born male child; the confession of how to raise a tempest by a washwoman suspended "hardly clear of the ground" by her thumbs; methods of making a formal pact with the Devil; how witches deprive men of their vital member; and many others. Methods of destroying and curing witchcraft, such as remedies against incubus and succubus devils, are exemplified and weighed by the authors.
Formal rules for initiating a process of justice are set down: how it should be conducted and the method of pronouncing sentence; when to use the trial by the red-hot-iron; how the prosecutor should protect himself; how the body is to be shaved and searched for tokens and amulets, including those sewn under the skin. As Summers says, it was the casebook on every magistrate's desk.
Montague Summers has given a very sympathetic translation. His two introductions are filled with examples of witchcraft and the historical importance of Malleus Maleficarum. This famous document should interest the historian, the student of witchcraft and the occult, and the psychologist who is interested in the medieval mind as it was confronted with various forces which could be explained only by witchcraft.


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  • ④ 다음 회차를 구매하지 않으면 서비스가 자동으로 정지됩니다. 정지 후, sam베이직은 최종 회차 구매일로부터 180일간 콘텐츠 열람이 가능하며, sam무제한의 경우 서비스 중지와 함께 열람도 중지됩니다.

콘텐츠 상품의 취소 및 환불 안내

  • ① 이용권은 콘텐츠를 열람하지 않은 상태에서 구매일로부터 7일내 MY페이지의 My이용권에서 즉시 구매취소가 가능합니다.
  • ② 환불은 결제업체의 기준에 따라 처리되며, 보통은 2~3일, 길게는 7일 이상 소요되기도 합니다.
  • ③ 이용권을 사용하였거나, 또는 이용권을 사용하지 않았더라도 구매일로부터 7일이 경과된 경우 즉시 구매취소가 불가합니다. 이 경우 서비스 해지 예약으로 처리되며, 해당 회차의 종료일에 자동으로 서비스해지됩니다.
  • ④ 다음 회차의 결제가 이루어지지 않으면 서비스는 즉각 중지되며, 3회에 걸쳐 서비스중지와 결제 안내를 진행하고 최종적으로 약정 해지됩니다.

단말기 결합형 상품의 취소 및 환불 안내

  • ① 콘텐츠를 열람하지 않은 상태에서 구매일로부터 7일 이내 교보문고 고객센터를 통해서 즉시 구매 취소가 가능합니다.
  • ② 주문이 완료되면 sam 콘텐츠 상품은 바로 사용이 가능합니다.
  • ③ 구매 취소는 교보문고 고객센터(1544-1900)로 연락하시기 바랍니다.
  • ④ 구매 취소 후에는 제공된 상품과 그 구성품 그리고 함께 제공된 혜택과 상품 등이 모두 회수 확인이 되어야 환불처리 되며, 결제업체의 환불규정을 준수합니다. 이 경우 상품의 반품에 소요되는 비용은 고객이 부담해야 합니다.
  • ⑤ 다음의 경우 구매 취소가 불가능합니다.
    -. 콘텐츠를 열람하였거나, 구매일로부터 7일이 경과한 경우
    - 고객의 책임 있는 사유로 상품이 멸실 또는 훼손된 경우(예. 별도 페키지 포장의 훼손, 상품의 파손 등)
    -. 고객의 사용으로 상품가치가 현저히 감소된 경우 예) 보호필름의 부착 등
    -. 패키지 상품의 경우 구성상품 일부의 개봉/설치/사용으로 상품가치가 현저히 감소 된 경우 예) 함께 제공된 케이스의 장착, 설치 등으로 인한 개봉/훼손 등
    -. 시간이 경과되어 재판매가 곤란할 정도로 상품가치가 상실된 경우
    -. 복제가 가능한 상품의 경우 그 원본인 상품의 포장이 훼손된 경우
    -. 상품 등의 내용이 표시ㆍ광고 내용 및 계약내용과 같고, 별도의 하자가 없음에도단순변심으로 인한 교환을 요구하는 경우
    -. 기타, '전자상거래 등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률' 등 관계법령이 정하는 교환/반품 제한사유에 해당되는 경우

단말상품의 A/S 및 교환 등 안내

  • ① 단말기 상품의 A/S 및 교환은 단말기 제조사의 공식 서비스센터를 통해서만 처리되며, A/S 및교환의 결정과 그 처리 또한 제조사의 서비스 기준을 따릅니다.


  • ① sam서비스에서 제공되는 콘텐츠는 저작권자의 요청에 따라 별도의 공지 없이 서비스에서 제외될 수 있습니다.
  • ② 그 외 문의사항은 sam서비스 이용약관 및 교보문고 고객센터(1544-1900)로 연락해 주시기 바랍니다.

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